How to Install

How to Install ?

1:Cleaning surfaces that require wall stickers

Before you start using the wall sticker, you must clean and smooth the surface and keep it dry.

2:Prepare wall stickers

Unpack the wall sticker, then remove the wall sticker and place it flat on a smooth table. Use a tool to press it flat.

3:Plan The Layout

You can use tools to separate part of it according to the contour of the wall sticker and then roughly arrange it into its complete shape on the surface. Remember that once it is stuck on the surface, you cannot move it again

4:  Apply The Sticker

After planning, slowly tear off a part of the wall sticker from the white low paper and attach it to the surface, and then slowly peel off the upper layer of paper from any corner of it. When tearing, it is best to use a tool to slowly squeeze out the air bubbles in it. Following this process you will soon be able to enjoy a complete wall decal