What is The Difference Between Wall Stickers and Wallpaper ?

       With the continuous progress of society, people’s living standards have been constantly improving, and people’s requirements for living space have become higher and higher. Everyone hopes to live in a very comfortable and comfortable space. At this time, we need to decorate the rooms. Wall stickers and wallpaper are the most commonly used decorations. Then, what are the differences between wall stickers and wallpaper? kamiqiwallz will give you an answer.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are also called instant stickers, free stickers, etc., which embodies its casual and individual characteristics. A simple wall sticker is a monochromatic pattern sticker that uses a cutting plotter to engrave the pattern on the instant sticker. It is different from traditional wallpaper in that it is just a set of hollow patterns or patterns, once, it looks simple and generous.
The wall sticker is made of pvc material with glue on the back. It is a kind of wall decoration that you can easily fix by yourself. The method of posting is simple. It is not only simple and convenient, but also very random, and the decorative effect is also very intuitive. It is suitable for modern families and is also recommended for store wall decoration. In addition, there is no need to brush a pen, as long as you match the overall decoration style and the personal temperament of the owner, choose a good pattern to paste at home, which not only demonstrates the owner’s life interest, but also gives the home new life and leads a new home decoration trend. . It is different from the traditional hand-painted wall. It has already designed and made ready-made patterns for you. You only need to put it on the wall, glass or ceramic tiles, and there are many styles and strong decoration. pretty good. You can paste as you like. Very suitable for lazy people, fast-paced life is fast and simple. You only need to paste a beautiful carved pattern on the location where you need to decorate. Compared with asking the decoration team to design and produce a decorative wall with a higher cost, It is really convenient, practical and economical.kamiqiwallz

Wallpaper, also known as Wallcoverings, is a widely used interior decoration material. As the earliest wall decoration material, wallpaper occupied the main market share of wall decoration. The wallpaper construction is convenient. After the wallpaper is cut, the back is coated with glue, which is convenient to post on the wall. However, if the glue is not good, it will fall off, or the wall will be damaged when it is torn off. In addition, the wallpapers are repetitive patterns, the styles are relatively monotonous, and the range of options is relatively small. Generally, after 3 to 5 years, the wallpaper will change color and become old, which is obvious visually old feeling, especially in wet and direct sunlight. The seams are becoming more and more obvious. They are dark and warped, and dust is easy to deposit on them, so they can only be wiped with a dry cloth.

After reading the introduction of kamiqiwallz, everyone must have understood the difference between wall stickers and wallpaper. Wall stickers and wallpaper products do not contain harmful substances. Unlike paint, they will not affect our body, so you can rest assured Use boldly.

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